Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ways to avoid fall out under your eyes when useing dark/bright colors

as the title says im going to be giving a few tips on how to avoid fall out under your eyes and along the top of your cheekbone when applying a bright or dark or dark shadow.

Tip number one: when your brush is loaded with color always pat, dont swipe, not only will this allow your colors to show up more strongly, it also doesn't cause hairs to flick off product onto your face. swipe to blend once you've patted the product onto your actual eye.

the next two tips are really one or the other, because they both tend to do a very good job at removing the fallen shadow.

tip number two (and my preferred way): apply translucent loose powder HEAVILY to your under eye area and the top of your cheek before you apply your shadow this will catch most of the fallen shadow and can be easily swept away with a powder brush after the application is finished taking the fall out with it.

tip three: apply your face makeup after you apply your eyeshadow, this way you can take a makeup wipe or even just a moist cloth cleaning off the fallout without ruining your face of makeup (this is also a good way to shape your shadow if you're going for a harsh line).

so those are my two favorite ways to completely avoid fall out, i hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something.

Glitter and Kisses Bitches,


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  1. These are tips I already knew, but I still enjoyed reading it. :) What I would like some advice on is how to apply mascara in a way that avoids getting it all over my eyelid. lol