Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Seven: Favorite Movies

Oh lord this one is going to be hard... i have watched a lot of movies... but i didnt particularly like that many of them.... anyway here goes...
Connie and Carla, probably my favorite comedy of all time. plus it has drag queens. and you know how i feel about my queens.
 Mean Girls, in case you didn't know, im kind of an obsessed Lindsay Lohan fan...
Harry Potter, Do NOT make me choose ONE i will never do it. i'm probably the biggest harry potter geek you know.
Blade. With this one you can make me choose one, the first one. lol
 Lord of The Rings, im a MASSIVE fantasy geek, if it's got dragons elves and swords im in.
X men, though to be honest i really prefer the old series to the movies. Rouge Gambit And Jubilee in that order.
Batamn Returns, all i have to say is... meow.

Glitter and Kisses Bitches,

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  1. Yay for me for sending you a copy of "Connie and Carla" ;)
    I really need to re-watch the Lord of the Ring movies, too, because the thought of little Elijah Wood excites me. lol