Friday, June 3, 2011

Does your foundation slide right off your face? or do you apply TOO much powder?

This should just be a quicky on how to properly powder your face, even if you think you do it right you should really hear me out for the fallowing tips.

tip number one: use a sponge/puff to apply your powder and apply in a rolling motion, i know it seems like it's not exactly sanitary but i promise you sponges are washable, and you dont exactly need a top of the line ones, as far as im concerned if you're only using it for powder a sponge is a sponge.

tip number two: use a brush to dust off excess powder sponges apply, brushes remove. this way you never end up with that overly matte powdery look, or like you just got in a fight with a baker.

tip number three: only powder if you need it and on areas you need it on. if you have naturally dry skin you DON'T always need to powder not only because your foundation will stay put but also because the powder brush you use to remove the excess could also cause micro-exfoliation which is bad for dry skin. If you have combination skin you only really need to powder the areas you get oily, and so on, over powdering your face is just not attractive.

anyway, those are the basics of powdering.

Glitter And Kisses Bitches,


  1. I actually never thought about using a brush AFTER I used a sponge. You've taught me something new; YAY! <3

  2. great tips!do u watch gossmakeupartist ? u guys have exactly the same tips! great minds think alike! xxx