Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 day challenge!!! day three! favorite television show!

So today the question is about my favorite television program, this one is once again sort of hard for me, due to a lack of watching any television if i can help it. however a few programs are worthy of finding full episodes online to watch, but im gonna have to go with one that i watched on television when it was out, and to this day i rewatch episodes online of, this being Malcolm In The Middle, I know it wasn't exactly the best, but when i was little i had the HUGEST crush on Malcolm, not Frankie, the actual character Malcolm. he was so smart and funny :). anyway, before i go day dreaming about things that now days would make me a child molester but were harmless fun when i was 10 i shall be off!

Glitter and Kisses Bitches,



  1. Hmm my post was eaten. So I'll try again. My all time favorite show EVER is "Are you Being Served?" it's a 70s British comedy and to this day there has never been a show that has made me laugh out loud as much as that one. I fricken love Mr. Humphries!