Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jessie J

Move over Lady GaGa there's a new queen bitch on the alternative fashion scene. Hailing from the across the pond, Jessica Cornish rocks stripper heels and some of the most creative lips ive seen in a long time like she was born in a cat suit and covered in black lipstick.
Now I very well could be slightly bias, as I've been a fan for going on a year now, but with her exemplary taste in fashion and makeup, voice like an angel, and her straight edge behavior (she claimed on twitter she doesn't smoke and only very seldom does she drink) that Jessie will soon become the next Gaga, her single price tag went number one in 14 countries, if you dont know little Jessica Cornish from Essex, you're sadly lagging behind.

Okay this is supposed to be a beauty blog, so I'm gonna talk about her makeup and style now. I want it all, on my body. Now.

listed below will be a few of my favorites, if you have the time I suggest you give them a listen if you haven't already. I apologize if imbedding is disabled and/or its unavailable in your country, if so the songs are nobody's perfect Do it like a dude and mama knows best (live) you should be able to find someones video that hasn't be taken down if you search YouTube :)

Glitter and kisses bitches



  1. @msmadamemakeup ive been OBSESSED with Jessie J since she was just in clubs in the UK i was so happy the first time i heard her play on the radio here (in the us). this is glittertramp btw im not sure if my proper user will show up lol.

  2. I had never heard of her until YOU introduced me. I agree with you about the songs in particular that you chose, but MY favorite has got to be "Who You Are" - the live version. Everytime I hear her inspirational words at the very end, I ALWAYS tear up a little. I would love to meet her someday!!