Sunday, June 5, 2011


okay here is a BIG pet peeve of mine, people who use the same bronzer to contour and bronze with the same color, at the same time, or people who use the shimmering bronzers as a contour. so here are more or less two how twos in one (though i will go into more detail once i get my hands on a camera)

how to BRONZE your face (as in make yourself look tanner/give yourself a glow)
1: for this you can use shimmer or matte, your preference
2: this goes on the high points of your face, more or less where you would normally highlight, tops of cheekbones nose lips and middle of your forehead.
3: dont go too dark/heavy handed with this, or you turn out funky colored (usually).

how to CONTOUR your face
1: MATTE MATTE MATTE MATTE MATTE MATT if you use shimmer here i will eat your firstborn. or your next born.
2: take this through the back of your face, as in along the sides of your face, under your cheekbones, and under your jawline.
3: you can go slightly stronger with this than the bronzer, just make sure if you do that its well blended.

so these are the basic tips unless you wanna look like you got in a fight with Snookie's spray tanner.


  1. lol, totally agree with ur tips!!! xx

  2. I have never used bronzer or tried to contour my face. But with your tips, I probably could...if I felt like it. lol

  3. I'm all about the contour. No bronzer for me but I have such a round pumpkin shaped head I like to contour my cheeks, sometimes the sides of my nose but not always and recently I discovered I love to contour the cleft in my chin.