Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day one: Photo and Facts :D

1: Incase you hadnt infered from the fact that this is a beauty blog, im a flaming homosexual. haha.
2:I'm a huge geek, as in I own like 10 dungeons and dragons books type geek. and i love every minute of it.
3: I'm VERY self confidant. I think it was my way of rebelling at being the gay kid raised in such a hateful rural community.
4: I love to debate, and will fight with you til im blue in the face even if you can prove my point wrong.
5: Most people think im short, however i actually top out at 6'2 :)
6: I dont eat any part of a pig other than bacon or ham, i cant stand the texture.
7: My favorite color is purple
8: ima use the fact that my blog is adult for this one, ive rounded third base with someone else but no one has ever gotten me to take my pants off for them.
9: I base most of my friendships off first impressions, if i dont like you when i first meet you i dont care how awesome you are we'll never get along.
10: my music library is HUGE, because their isnt a genre of music i dont listen to at least a little bit of.
11: My style is always evolveing, its almost never the same for more than a week or two, though its always a bit avant garde.
12: I never fallow trends, because i believe that they dumb down your personal style.
13: I've always had extreemly good luck on friday the 13th, every time it happens something great happens to me :)
14: I've questioned my gender in the past, as in if i were MTF, but im not.
15: i prefer winter over summer, and fall over any other season even though my birthday is in July.

Glitter and Kisses Bitches,

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  1. MTF? Why can't I think of what that means?

    Also, I love winter as well, even though driving on ice FREAKS me out!!