Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 13: Goals

I am a bit of a beauty geek as you all know, so on top of the regular goals everyone has (successful relationship, nice house, enough money yada yada) i want to become more or less a walking encyclopedia of beauty. i want to take courses on skin hair nails and makeup until im blue in the face. more or less i just wanna be the best at what i want to do with my life. its unlikely due to financial limitations but one can always dream right?

Glitter and Kisses Bitches,


  1. its always possible you just have to reach out for it and accept a little help once in a while. there are loans and grants that you can apply for that would pay for it, loans are not ideal but if it gets you to your dreams I think its worth it. They are getting me to mine. you pay nothing back until you are out of school for 6 months and by then you will have landed a job, maybe not your dream job but a stepping stone toward your dream job. YOU CAN DO IT JOSH! As smart as you are you could probably qualify for tons of grants and scholarships!
    Love ya Cuz!

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