Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how and where to apply blush

I really hate to start this blog off on such a negative note but, well i feel this one just needs addressing, it was brought to my attention by a lovely friend of mine who also inspired me to create this blog, Thepinkladyj, that this is one of my biggest pet peves, due to my obsessive tweeting about how doing it wrong instantly makes you look like a two dollar prostitute, or a grandma... depending on how and where you apply it wrong. so lets get down to it with the fallowing tips on how and where to apply blush:

tip number one: DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT smile while applying your blush, this is a common technique used to AGE somone playing a role in plays and films becuase when you relax your face the apple of your cheek drops dramaticly making your face look as if where your natural flush would be is much lower than normal. instead of applying it that way, instead try applying along your cheekbone, its okay for your highlighter and blush to over lap, because its natural for someone to blush on the high points of their cheekbones.

tip number two: tap off your blush brush. unless you want to look like someone just punched you in the side of the face and the bruise has yet to completely set i recommend tapping your brush off fairly well, usually my rule is that i always try to tap it at least two or three times.

so honestly thats all that really needs to be thought about when applying your cheek color, that is unless you happen to be walking on the runway or shooting a film in which you're playing somone much older than yourself, so on this note ill leave you!

Glitter and kisses bitches,


  1. Bravo! If you need more ideas you can always write about how Makeup should be encouraged as an art-form and not just a way to enhance one's looks. I love it when people stand up for the right to use one's own style to express creativity and throw off the shackles of conformity.

  2. great tips! totally agree with all of them xxxx

  3. I don't think I'll ever have to use blush; my face is always incredibly red. LOL But seriously, if I ever decide to wear foundation someday, should I just cover up the redness with concealer and then apply blush? Or just use a light coverage foundation and use no blush at all?

  4. @souporsoprano it really depends on if you want a blush the same color as your natural blush or something different :)